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You should have arrived here from the Amanda's blog ( if so you are on the right path, if not please click on the link Scrappers Delight ( to start at the beginning as we'd hate you to miss out any letters. I hope you are inspired by my project and are enjoying the blog hop so far, when you are ready please hop over to Tracy's blog ( and continue the fun.

Here are the Easter Themed projects that I have created for my first Blog Hop:
This dog house comes with 5 Recipe cards and 6 homemade dog treats. I was inspired for this project from one of my blogs that I follow. My friend Jude sent me the little dog and flowers that I used on the front of the house from the UK.

They are all natural & organic, free of range, grain fed meats no hormones or antibiotics. Free of preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors, colors & fillers. They are wheat, corn & soy free treats.

If you would like to purchase this treat for your dog it is available on my etsy store. The next project that I have made is a Thank You card that used I stamped Images from Magnolia Licious that Jude also sent to me. They are just one of the cutes stamps I have ever seen! It seems like they are the scrapbooking ridge right now I have seen them on so many people’s blogs lately! I also used an advertising ad to fill the background of the paper, and some of my scraps to fill the bottom of the card. I was trying to think GREEN for this project but it’s so hard to get everything on the project to be from something reusable.

So celebration of Scrappers Delight's First Birthday March 31, 2009 and the Easter Holidays we are holding this blog hop and we have put together some "International Candy" for 2 lucky winners, we also have one chocolate treat for a third lucky winner. You can have a chance at winning the candy by following our blog hop and collecting the letters from the eggs the Easter Bunny has lost along the way.
Once you have reached the last blog and collected all the letters, some blogs may have 2, unscramble the letters to reveal a well known children character. If you wish to be entered into the Easter Egg Draw please also work out which Famous children book and film this character appeared in. What you’re going to do is follow the link from the last blog post your comment on our main DT blog with your answers and a link back to your blog so we can contact the lucky winners. Sign up to the Scrappers Delight Group as we have many give always and monthly swaps and challenges going on. The hop will close on 4th April 2010 and the winners will be announced on 5th April 2010.


So I am going to be taking part in my very frist Blog Hop!! Here are some of the prized that you could win for participating in the hop:

First Place

Second Place

I will be making a special something for your pup for the event that you can purchase in the Etsy store. I hope that you will like it and want more! I have not ever done a hop before so hopefully this will help people learn more about my business and my products.

Treat Bags

These treat bags are filed full with treats for your pup. We have just one more left for Thanksgiving and one left from Halloween Come and get them.

Past Season on sell for $2.00 all others are $4.00.

Christmas Candles

These cute little candies are made for you dog lovers. Some have a scent and others don’t. More to come as season gets closer.

Candles range from $1.00 to $5.00

Christmas Cards

These cards are themed for the dog Lovers just for the holidays. Come check out what Cute stuff for stocking stuffers for you and your fur friend.

Handmade Cards $3.49

Trick or Treat Goodie Bags

These goodie Bags are now available at Alamo Craft mall for $4.00 in San Antonio, TX near Ingram Mall next to The Fortune Cookie” chine’s restaurant.

Some New Vest!!

Well I have not had the chance to post all of the New Styling Vest and clothing that I have been making lately so I hope you enjoy the slide show. Thanks for stopping by and if you see something you like take a click over to: and check out some of the other clothing items there.

This Weeks Pet Product:

Today we have Crazy Dog Sprays, when your dogs coats get tied in a knot or when the smell is just too much grab one of these sprays! They detangle, demat, condition, highlight and deodorize. Use it before shampoo to remove tangles, mats, burrs and knots, just spray on and brush out. Use it on dry coats in-between shampoos to refresh, detangle and add shine. Available in these scents: Baby Powder, Pina Colada, Wild Cherry, Green Apple, Very Berry, and Rain Forest.

8 oz for $6.00
Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

Keep your pet fresh between baths! Use Dirty & Hairy's refreshing spray between adventures to keep your dog smelling fresh while repelling bugs, ticks and fleas. The spray contains a proprietary odor-eater ingredient that neutralizes odors to keep your pet and house odor-free. Safe for use on bedding, carpets, and upholstery. A combination of cologne and natural bug repellent, Dirty & Hairy's Natural Pet Spray is perfect for those days when there's just not enough time to bathe the dog!

Scent: Citronella 4oz - $8.00
Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

Grow your own garden of catnip or cat grass for your kitty all year round. Just add water and your cat will be able to enjoy grassy, leafy treats within 1 week.


This Weeks Pet Product

Therapet’s Lemon Verbena Shampoo is not your basic shampoo. With Ginseng, Papaya and Tangerine extracts, it increases oxygenation to cells and tissues and stimulates the regeneration of cells with its cooling, anti-inflammatory properties. The tearless, hypoallergenic formula also is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Safe for use on dogs and cats.

18 oz - $8.00
Available on

New Puppy Card

New Puppy Card, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

This is for new puppies. This card can have a small picture inside. Also where it say’s welcomed but you can put your own family name. Or if you’re a Breeder and would like to include this in goodie bags for your new puppies families you can put your information there. These are 3.00 each.

Available on

New Dog Harness

New Dog Harness, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

These are available for purchase though Ambers Paw Stop they are handmade and custom fitted for your dog, made to order just e-mail Rebecca at with your dogs measurements of neck and chest around the ribs, and your dog’s can be sporting around in one of these in about a week.

Texas Orders: $25.00+ Tax+ Shipping
Other States Cost: $25.00 + Shipping UPS
UK & Overseas Cost $25.00 + Shipping with best cost to you for Shipping from US

Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

Therapet™ Fresh Scent Finishing Mist will leave your Pampered Pooch with a clean and fresh scent for weeks. Use between grooming or bathing to help to eliminate odors. Can also be sprayed on just after grooming. Compliments Therapet™ Fresh Scent Shampoo and Conditioner.
8 oz. - $4.99
Available on

Dog Party Invitation

Dog House Card, originally uploaded by rebeccalevan81.

This is a sample Party Invitation for the Pet Parties. If you like to have this invitation personalized for your Shure Pet party they cast $37.50 for 25 cards with envelopes and each additional card is $3.00 each.

Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

Therapet’s Hypoallergenic Shampoo is an extra mild formula for sensitive skin. The coconut and corn oil based shampoo will lift dirt and grime, while leaving the coat soft and clean. Tearless, it will not disturb the pH balance of the coat and skin of cats and dogs.

18oz - 8.00
Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

Now your buddy can poop guilt-free. No yucky mess. No cluttered landfills. No harm to Mother Earth.These bags are made from real corn so they biodegrade completely in just 45 days. Not like those plastic bags that litter landfills, taking centuries to decompose.Bring them wherever you think your dog might do the doo.

40 bags per box - $5.95

This week feathered Shure Pet Product:

Biodegradable Litter Box Liners are a non-allergenic and environmentally safe way to further protect your cat. These liners allow heat and moisture to escape or evaporate which reduces bacterial build-up of collected waste, thus reducing odor. Each liner is approximately 31.1" long x 15.3" wide x 7" deep.

Product No. 605 - 10 liners per box - $15.00

This Weeks Pet Product:

This can be used as a Towel to dry off your pet. It absorbs more water than terry cloth towels and allows your dogs hair to dry faster. It is economical, use over and over again. It is Thick and come in one size of 22" x 18" but can be cut down if needed. Machine washable with normal laundry if you wish. Includes waterproof instruction sheet and stain removal guide. Want to learn more about this produced please e-mail me.

Available on

This Weeks Pets Product:

Therapet’s Lemon Verbena Shampoo is not your basic shampoo. With Ginseng, Papaya and Tangerine extracts, it increases oxygenation to cells and tissues and stimulates the regeneration of cells with its cooling, anti-inflammatory properties. The tearless, hypoallergenic formula also is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Safe for use on dogs and cats.

1 Gallon - $35.00
2.5 Gallons - $50.00

Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

The Therapet Brilliant Blue Shampoo will make light coats sparkle! Formulated specially for dogs with white and light colored coats, it is made with natural coconut oil and a special whitening formula. Why is it importuned that your pets shampoo be detergent and soap free? Your pets skin is thinner than humans. Detergent and soap can irritate the pets skin and dry it out.

18oz - $8.00

This Weeks Pet Product:

Therapet’s Oatmeal Shampoo is our best selling shampoo that soothes dry, itchy, irritated skin. With oatmeal extract and hydrolyzed oat proteins, in a colloidal suspension, it will sooth skin irritations caused by flea bites, allergies and other irritants. Contains humectants, which help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, it is tearless, hypoallergenic and safe for dogs and cats. Why does my pet itch? The most common reason for a pet to itch is allergies. Most pets are allergic to fleas but animals can become allergic to anything, just like humans. Too much scratching and biting to relieve the itching can result in red and raw skin or even open sores.
18oz - $8.00
Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover eliminates urine odors completely, discouraging pets from soiling the same area twice. Can be used on carpets, furniture, bedding and laundry – just apply to stain, wait for the enzymes to liquefy and wipe away! Non-toxic, safe for pets and kids, no perfume cover up. 24 oz. spray.


This Weeks Pet Product:

Used by professionals for years. This unique tear stain remover is suitable for all breeds. May also be used as a cleansing agent of furrows on Bloodhounds, Boxers, Pekinese, and similar breeds. Directions for use: Saturate small cotton swab, gently swab affected area using clean cotton for each eye. In stubborn cases use 3 times daily for mininum of 1 week. Made in England.

4oz - $6.99
8oz - $8.99

This Weeks Feathered Shure Pet Product

This week feathered produced is the Paramount Dazzling Dark Shampoo, can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits. To me the shampoo smells like Wild Black Cherry. This shampoo will add luster and sheen to pets with dark-colored coats. This product is formulated with coconut and lanol extracts to assist to help protection of the natural oils of the coat.

Product No. 136 - 17oz - $15.00

Special on Parties!!

party dog, originally uploaded by PhyrePh0X.

Do you think of your pet as part of the family? That’s how it should be because they are apart of it, their around when you need comfort their around for the excited moments, your pets are one of the most loyal friend you could find. So why not in return show them your appreciation for their love by hosting a party in their honor? Maybe there birthday is coming up, maybe you want to have a Easter Party for them where instead of an egg hunt they will have a treat hunt. Maybe your dog is retiring from a field for Military or Deportment of Public Safety, they deserve to be pampered too.

Take some of the work out of it on your end and allow me to help with some of the burden. I can provide several services for your pet parties such as, Shure Pet Products, which offer grooming items, toys, treats and gift items for pet lovers. I also can provide Healthy Dog Treats, Custom Handmade themed invitations, dog oriented games. I also can offer service for afterwards clean up.

Please contacted me though e-mail: for more information on what a party will consist of.

This Weeks Pet Product:

Therapet’s Iced Mango Tea Shampoo is an organic, soap-free shampoo. With extracts of Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Ginseng Root and Kiwi, this mild, tearless shampoo is safe for use on puppies and kittens, and will leave any pet smelling fresh like the tropics! Gentle on pets and the environment. All ingredients are coconut oil based. Fragrances are essential oil based. Here is a helpful tip about when you should start to bath your new puppy or kitten: Most vets say to start bathing your puppy until it is 10 – 12 weeks old (unless absolutely necessary). This especially applies for the smaller breeds.

18oz - $8.00
Available on

This Weeks Pet Product:

Cain & Able Dog Paw Rub is All Natural and is formulated to protect, heal, and moisturize. Great for your dog, cat or rabbit’s paws and or elbow joints. This produced will help to restore moisture, softens paws and prevents against slippage. Using a paw balm to protect your pet’s paws reduces possible injury against rough rocky roads, hot-tar surfaces, ice, salt or steaming concrete. It also leads to greater mobility just allow the lotion to absorb leaving a light coat or protection. It is made with human-grade ingredients that are safe if ingested. Made in the USA!

Avalable in 3 oz. $19.99
Available on

Sample Pet Invatations

This is a sample Card that I made for the invitations when people would like to have a pet party. The cards may vary but I wanted the customers to have an idea of with we were talking about when I said homemade cards verses the print out post card. This card will cost the host $37.50 with envalopes each additional card is $3.00 if they want these, and they can be customized for themes.

This weeks Feathered Shure Pet Product:

After taking my first order and one of the customers ordered this product and wanted to tell me how CRAZY her cat went over this product I thought it would be the best one for this week. So here is Samuels Review strait from the cat’s attitude: So my mom got this package the other day and there was this smell that I just could not resisted I could smell it from the outside. I think I may have smelled it before but I can’t remember if I have tasted it before. Finally my master got around to opening it. I had to help her unwrap all the dog treats and all but we found the smell finally. When I saw what it was I went over to my treat bowl and started cleaning it because the other treats that are store bought are so cheap compared to this fantastic yummy treat. When my bowl was clean my master finally gave me some and man it was so good. I think I will have to fallow her around all the time just for some more of those. I would not want them to forget that they are there. Can I have some more?

Product No. 210 - 1/3 oz - $12.00

Preparation for Shows and Parties!

So last night I went shopping and I was looking for something that I could put my treats in that I will be making. I found these really great containers on sell at Jo Ann’s not the place I was expecting to find something at but these will work just great for what I need then to do. I also remembered that I had these cellophane bags that I can put the treats in when I sell them at shows. I’m getting so excited about my first show. I received more products today for Shure Pets for my display.

This weeks Fathered Product: Absorb ‘N Dry Pet Sponge

The Absorb ‘N Dry Pet Sponge is extremely smooth, soft and super absorbent. Will not tear, lint or shred. Picks up pet hair like magic. Vacuums up accidents and pet spills. Works great on carpets, floors and upholstery. Absorbs up to eight ounces of liquid without dripping. Also great for picking up pet hair off many surfaces (including sofas and chairs). Very durable yet ultra soft. Machine washable with normal laundry if you wish. Includes waterproof instruction sheet and stain removal guide. Want to learn more about this produced please e-mail me.

Product No. 784 - 3.25x4.75 - $9.00

Custom handmade fur dog leash

The Dog Leash light strawberries and chocolate pictured below (Tuesday, October 28, 2008) is on e-bay for Sale. They make great stocking stuffers for your fur friend or a great conversation piece. If there were any other additional items you would like please notify me. You can either place a Bid and maybe get it for less or do the buy know option. All orders will go out after payment. I do accepted Pay Pal, Checks or Money Orders. In the case of sending out orders check must clear bank before items are sent out. Thank you for your interest.

This item is sold. If you like this item I can make more.

Amber's Snow White Costume

Here is our little Amber in her Halloween costume. She was unable to go Trick or Treating with us this year but maybe she can make it next year. This was her costume from last year. She has a lot of fun then trick or treating or customers at work when she was the only family kid then.

New Winter Fancy Dog Leash

Yes they are back for the winter!!! Buy them up know before the season is up!! All Leashes are 5 ft 11 inches. I can make matching dog scarfs with all purchases when requested. Size will vary with size of dog’s neck. Flip Flips may be a little harder to get right know due to the season, but I have a few sizes available if you want Flip Flops to match I will have to check the availability of sizes upon ordering. Please visit for available colors.

Dog Leash - Mixed 2 bundles of yarn......................$20.00
Dog Leash - 1 bundle of yarn………….....…..…………..$15.00
Matching Dog Scarf……………….....…….........……....... $6.00
Flip Flops – if available in your size.………..…………$12.00

Havok Thanks!!

Our Husky keeps getting out of our fence and our Neighbor is usually home when he is getting out and she tries to catch him for us. Or will go after him in their car. So for a thank you to them I made this little card. You can never have to many nice neighbors, usually you don’t have enough!!!

ABC Books

These ABC Books that are in the prose of making are going to be donated to the Methodists Children's Hospital Blue Birds Auxiliary.Every New mom that leaves the Hospital receives a bag with books we would like for our books to also be included in their bags. The goal is to make a total of Five Books but More is welcome if we accomplish more.The design of the book is very simple. If you take A you must have B because you will be putting B on the back of the A page. If your intrested in helping with this project then please e-mail me about the ABC books I can assign you some lettersalong with all paper for the books to keep them Uniform. Once one book is complete we can switch letters, someone might have ideas for other letters when they are thinking about their own.
To help with the creation of these books please let me know your interested either with a comment about this post or on the groups web site:

Paw Callars

Here is the New Collars that I will be selling. They are the same price as the Cherry Collars. This one has Rhinestones Paw Prints on them.

Paw Callars............................................................$5.00

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