This weeks Feathered Shure Pet Product:

After taking my first order and one of the customers ordered this product and wanted to tell me how CRAZY her cat went over this product I thought it would be the best one for this week. So here is Samuels Review strait from the cat’s attitude: So my mom got this package the other day and there was this smell that I just could not resisted I could smell it from the outside. I think I may have smelled it before but I can’t remember if I have tasted it before. Finally my master got around to opening it. I had to help her unwrap all the dog treats and all but we found the smell finally. When I saw what it was I went over to my treat bowl and started cleaning it because the other treats that are store bought are so cheap compared to this fantastic yummy treat. When my bowl was clean my master finally gave me some and man it was so good. I think I will have to fallow her around all the time just for some more of those. I would not want them to forget that they are there. Can I have some more?

Product No. 210 - 1/3 oz - $12.00


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