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party dog, originally uploaded by PhyrePh0X.

Do you think of your pet as part of the family? That’s how it should be because they are apart of it, their around when you need comfort their around for the excited moments, your pets are one of the most loyal friend you could find. So why not in return show them your appreciation for their love by hosting a party in their honor? Maybe there birthday is coming up, maybe you want to have a Easter Party for them where instead of an egg hunt they will have a treat hunt. Maybe your dog is retiring from a field for Military or Deportment of Public Safety, they deserve to be pampered too.

Take some of the work out of it on your end and allow me to help with some of the burden. I can provide several services for your pet parties such as, Shure Pet Products, which offer grooming items, toys, treats and gift items for pet lovers. I also can provide Healthy Dog Treats, Custom Handmade themed invitations, dog oriented games. I also can offer service for afterwards clean up.

Please contacted me though e-mail: rebeccalevan81@yahoo.com for more information on what a party will consist of.


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